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How to get website analytics for netlify websites? | Alexandra Manta

How to get website analytics for netlify websites?

Statcounter has a lot of useful features. To get website analytics for your netlify website, follow the steps below:

  • Sign up to Statcounter.
  • Create a project which will be about your website.
  • Statcounter will create a tracking code for you, so it asks for the link of your website.
  • Provide this link and paste your tracking code in your repo: I put mine in my Github alexandramanta/starter-academic/layouts/partials/custom_head.html.
  • ! Copy and pasting my tracking code to your repo is not going to work, you need to have your own tracking code.

Good luck!

Alexandra Manta, Ph.D.
Alexandra Manta, Ph.D.
Applied Scientist, Forecasting & Risk

My expertise includes Econometric Time Series Models of Panel Data and Causal Inference in Multilayer Networks.